Welcome to TechStar Computers.

March 2007
Over the past 3 years TechStar Computers has been partnered with Perfect 10 hosting to provide our clients with quality hosting with multiple resources, during the past 6 months Perfect 10 Hosting had a falling out period which ultimately forced me to split off once again. I am renewing my TechStar Computers Hosting services and will continue to serve clients with quality hosting at cheap prices. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me directly or use the contact us form on the new site.

In today's world web hosting companies are a dime a dozen, however, most are aiming at the business customers with their hosting packages. That is where we come in, TSC has been providing web hosting since 2000 for individuals who want to get a website on the internet but also be able to afford the other pleasures in life. You will have to look hard to find another company as reliable and as dependable to provide the prices we do. If you choose us as your web hosting provider, you will not be disappointed and I want to thank you for the opportunity to provide you with service.
The server we are running on is connected by a 10mbit connection to multiple Time Warner and verio gigabit lines. The following graph shows the major lines across the network.